The UK Government Construction Strategy was published with a mandate for 3D collaborative BIM (with all project and asset information and data being electronic) on all its publically procured projects over £5m by April 2016.


This approach known as BIM Level 2, seeks to adopt more information rich Building Information Modelling Technologies, process & collaborative behaviors that will unlock more efficient ways of work at all stages of the project life cycle.  The mandate is set out in PAS 1192-2:2013 Specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using building information modelling


As an early adopter seeking to embrace BIM compliance, architects, designers, specifiers, engineers & facilities managers will be keen to download BIM Objects to use in their projects.  Each accurate 3D representation can contain a multitude of embedded parameters containing information such as company information, product codes, colour & finish options, life cycle & warranty, data sheet BBA certificates and contact details allow purchasing directly from the manufacturer. 


UPDATE:  Government is to introduce a new October BIM target to challenge industry to raise the quality of data gathered and shared in digital models.  Government BIM Task Group chair Mark Bew said that the new October stretch target was being introduced to help boost the quality of data now being gathered by the industry.  “Because we have met the April date we now want to start to drive the quality of data up,” he told delegates highlighting that all the “in-scope” public sector clients were currently on target to meet the BIM level 2 mandate.


UK Government Mandate: making collaboration a reality.

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