A total solution for all of your BIM requirements.

At ELIXR our BIM content creation service is bespoke to your company and its specific requirements.  Whether you require building up libraries of you product range or having an entire project outsourced in BIM, we will provide easy to use 3D models in a variety or software platforms, step-by-step instruction documents, video guides and a support network will allow your clients get the most out of your BIM content.

What we provide...

BIM Content creation: This is the creation of 3D Revit model families which represent real world manufactured products.  3D Parametric Modelling: This is the intelligence aspect of BIM, applying rules based formulas that transfer a huge host of product characteristics such as dimensional size and shape variability, colour & material options, thermal performance, fabric build up and much more.  The result is that the scheme design is interchangeable throughout the design process optimising the best product solution in real time.

Information rich product data embedded within BIM objects.  No longer will your company’s product data, brochures, certificates, warranties, etc. be sought from different locations within your website.  Now all of the information is efficiently embedded within the families allowing information to be directly extracted from the model.  More importantly, all members of the design / build process have the same consistent information available to them; a core requirement of collaboration.

Step by step guidance documents.  All of our families come with concise documentation which guides users on how to fully utilise the BIM object families.  We also provide guidance documentation of the products in their real world use during the construction phase. All guidance documents will be QA tested to ensure their simplicity and ease of use.   Furthermore, we can develop your own products datasheets, brochures and any technical information you may wish to convey to your customers.

If a picture paints a thousand words, what is a video worth?  Quite a lot actually as it is well documented that being part of the YouTube generation, a multitude of visual demonstrations exist for almost anything you require guidance on.  At ELIXR we are no different, we can provide step by step video guidance on various formats as an additional resource to our documentation process.  This includes easy to understand visual guides on both user created BIM objects & actual products to further enhance your understanding of how they operate.

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