Its time for BIM.  What are you waiting for?

We aim to provide superior BIM content that facilitates better collaboration throughout every stage of your BIM journey. 


ELIXR's wide range of consultancy services will help you understand the BIM process; how it can best be implemented into your business, make you more efficient, more complient, win new work and we will guide you in every step along the way.  By applying a range of parametric tools, precise representative modelling & injecting information rich data, we can take your current product range and transform it  into a fully functioning BIM model.  What does this mean for your company? Being marked out as BIM compliant will identify you out as front runner of your industry, embracing this new industry revolution.  It will also mean your are the first manufacturer designers will turn to when they are specifying companies they know have readily available BIM content.



By utilising our services, your products will be specified more easily throughout industry.  Every iteration within your product range can be compacted into efficient content families.  With this information at the fingertips of specifiers & designers, it will illustrate your company's forward thinking approach.  In turn, providing a competitive advantage to your company in securing new business.  Having a full range of 3D BIM content, companies will seek to use your products as they offer an identical representation of the product your clients and customers will receive. The 'Information' element of BIM is key here.  Technical information can be customised and embedded within the BIM content to allow your product’s features, benefits and technical specifications be readily available and retrieved efficiently. 

One of the major upsides of BIM is the opportunity for manufacturers to re-align themselves at the top of their industry.   As an early adopter in your niche industry, taking advantage of offering BIM content, you position yourself at the front of the queue in a market currently lacking real selection of BIM compliant objects.  If the market adopts your BIM-ready products (without needing to develop them themselves in-house) it will provide your clients with a time and subsequent cost saving, as well as all of the advanced functionality and embedded features discussed above.

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." - Winston Churchill

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