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ELIXR-BIM: Design Alchemy for BIM Collaboration.

ELIXR-BIM is all about flexibility, innovation and, above all collaboration. Our team of experienced BIM consultants and dynamic designers will focus on your precise wishes to deliver cost-effective solutions to any project.

Whether you are new to BIM or an early adopter seeking the next step, ELIXR has the skill, expertise and talent to delivery design of the higest technical quality. Trust ELIXR to design your BIM content to exceed your clients expectations! Our innovative, bespoke approach will forever keep your company ahead of the competition. We specialise in Content Creation, BIM outsourcing, BIM Level 2 Compliance, Technical Authorship, BIM Execution Planning (BEP), Common Data Environent (CDE) creation & Cobie.  We also provide a range of training packages to suit all skills sets and experience levels.

10 Madison Square
29 Liberty Place
Liverpool, L1 5FD
Phone: 0151 7088110 0151 7088110
Mobile phone 07903804478
Fax: N/A
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